Through Russell’s collaboration and partnership with Virgil, he created a platform called ‘AYE-ESSE’.

“A—S” stands for Afro Selection, which represents Russell and Virgil’s mission to provide black snowboarders with access to the outdoors and to grow the culture and community more inclusively. AYEE-ESSE is a movement inspired by the combining of action sports, outdoor activities and street culture. The goal is to celebrate urban culture in the outdoors and continue to build community that transcends cultural barriers for this generation and the next.



Russell Winfield is a cultural icon in snowboarding as the first African American professional snowboarder. Since the early 90’s, Russell has been a prolific and contributing voice and style leader in the sport, bridging the gap between snowboarding and street culture.

Through his iconic board shape designs and graphics combined with his disruptive style both on and off his board, Russell has created an everlasting persona to carrying on his legacy in snowboarding.

In 1995, Ride Snowboards released Russell’s original snowboard model which became one of the most sought after and collected snowboards of all time. Today, over 25 years later, he continues to be a staple of influence and creativity in the sport, while guiding the next generation black & brown athletes.

Ikon Pass
Fat Tire
Mizu Life
Ride Snowboards
Atlas Snowshoe Co.